Deux enseignantes d'anglais, avec le soutien de la région Bretagne via le dispositif Karta, ont permis à nos élèves de terminale de découvrir la culture anglophone au travers de 3. spectacles proposés par la scène nationale du Carré Magique à Lannion.

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Au programme May B : de la danse contemporaine (Maguy Marin, sur une oeuvre de Beckett); Neige Noire : spectacle chanté sur la vie de Billie Holiday ; Chapitre de la chute : spectacle en 3 feuilletons sur la saga des Lehman Brothers.

 En cliquant sur le bouton lire la suite, vous pourrez lire les commentaires des élèves sur ces différents spectacles

may be« May B » - 26th of January, 2016 – Le Carré magique – Scène nationale de Lannion.
Comments about the show from Year 13 students (TCGEA – Terminales Conduite et Gestion
d'Entreprise Agricole)

 "I went to see a show on thursday, January the 26th, I had to meet at the highschool at 7 pm. There were three teachers. The show talked about the story of life. More specifically, the stages of life. From the birth up to the death. There were different characters. Theu were dressed very odly. I remember, there was white everywhere, on the head. The characters shouted, they scared people. I did not understand. I did not understand a lot but I learned something. I mean, I know that everystage of life has its challenges. I would not go back to see this kind of show again." TCGEA

« I did not go to the show on January the 26th because I had a meeting I could not defer. The kind of show for which I am interested in are comedy shows such as with Gad Elmaleh …I am not interested in the performing arts suggested because in this kind of show, we do not necessarily understand what the show wants to express, what it is talking about.This kind of show does not interest me because I think they are special, strange. These are not he shows I like. » TCGEA

« I did not go to the show because I do not like the show and then I had to do work at home. I prefer working outdoors or taking care of the animals. I am not interested in performing arts because I think they're boring. » TCGEA

«  I did not come to the show on January the 26th because I live 25 minutes away from the Highschool. My parents couln't take me back and forth to bring me to the Highschool and return me back home after the show.
I like the shows with a conversation between the people, staged in a situation of daily action where there is a problem and the show allows to open up our eyes.
I was interested in the show, it was talking about the rejection of some people from society because they are different from the standards set by it. » TCGEA

« The evening began with an appointment at the Highschool. We joined our teachers at 7.30 pm. Then we got on the coach to go to Lannion to attend the show « May B » for which we had places booked.
When we climbed into the coach, our teachers counted us and we made the trip that lasted about 30 minutes. When we arrived at around 8.45 pm, a lady was waiting for us and gave us tickets. We went into the theatre and the show began.
There were men and women who danced. In their dance, we were shown the last moments of life, I think it was that.
My feeling on the show is very vague because I did not understand and I did not like it. But it showed us something we wouldn't have seen otherwise. So I went out with curiosity but I do not wish it anymore. » TCGEA

The students from Terminale STAV have the opportunity to attend 3 different shows concerning the English course-thanks to the Region of Brittany funds and the agricultural
college of KERNILIEN. MAY B by Maguy Marin was the first one, here are some aspects developed and our opinions about this show.
May B, by Maguy Marin
- Maguy Marin/ Samuel Beckett
Maguy Marin, was born in France in 1951, she is a dancer and a French choreographer of contemporary

Samuel Beckettwas born in Dublin in 1906 and died in 1989, he was a writer, a poet and an Irish playwright of French and English expression, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969. He is the author of novels, such as Molloy, Malone diesand The Unspeakableand from brief texts in prose, his name remains especially associated with the theater of the absurd.

- a ballet
May B is a choreographic play by Maguy Marin created on November 4th, 1981 to the Municipal theater of Angers, inspired by Samuel Beckett's texts. She is connected with the movement of the dance-theater.

- the theatre of the absurd
The theater of the absurd is a style of theater from the xxth century, at the time of the Second World War, which is characterized by a total break with regard to the more classic kinds, such as the drama or the comedy. It is a kind dealing frequently with thenonsense of Man and life, this one always leading to death.

- the title
Title: May B means : probably, can be, doubtless.
" A title is very organic. It tries to restore something of the researches and questioning that the work set in motion. " Maguy Marin
The title suggests questions, doubts, everything is possible.

OPINION- We didn't understand this performance, so we don't have personal opinion.
Ludivine, Gaëlle, Chloé
On stage
The scenery : there is a black background with a large door and two smaller doors. It was directed by Louise Gros and Laura Pignon.
Props:Accessories are found towards the end of the show such as a suitcase, a wheelchair, a rope, a stick, a flashlight, a blanket, a birthday cake 
Costumes:The artists are all dressed in white, men and women in trousers, skirt, and slippers. They were covered with chalk on the whole body and they all have black around the eyes, and untidy and dirtyhair, some wearing hats. Towards the end of the show, they change costumes, and wear damaged clothes and shoes. 

The costumes were created by Louise Marin.
Dancers' appearance: They have no grace, and are ordinary people of all different body types.
Movements: At first they move in groups, shuffled, then they part and play different characters.
Language: There are no words, but onomatopoeia (breathings etc ...).
Musics:A German music to start and then classical music. The music played is by Franz Chubert, Gilles de Binche and Gavin Bryars.
Light:First, the characters are in the dark, then the light starts to follow the group, and focuses on the various characters and at the end the light is on the left of the stage.
The light was produced by the company Maguy Marin.

At first we were surprised and it made us laugh. We had some difficulties to understand the story.
Throughout the show, it became tiresome.
Tess, Romane, Camille
Some specific scenes :
- slow movements
- The characters are sharing a birthday cake but some people do not get anything to eat!
Are they discriminated ?
- the characters with luggage look like migrants or going to concentration camps
- Beckett's characters are :
- Clov : He was hosted and raised by Hamm , he became Hamm's scapegoat , his legs are hurting and prevent him from siting.
- Hamm : He is blind and paralyzed , he relishes the suffering it inflicts on those arround him.
- Estragon: He is a tramp sitting down and struggling with too narrow shoes.
- Vladimir : He is another tramp.
Corentin « It's zero because it's not my passion »
Boris « I admire the choregraphy but that's not my thing »
Clément « I was shocked because i don't understand anything, I'm consterned »
Comparing a classical ballet to MAY B
Swan Lake May B
Scenes 4 acts (2hours 30) 1 act (1hour 30)
Music Classical music German and modern music
Number of dancers About 30 10
Dance Classical dance Contemporary and theatrical dance
Costumes White and pretty dresses, all the costumes are identical.Grey and ugly costumes, with caricatural elements
« May B » is a ballet stranger than a traditional ballet like « Swan Lake », the danse of « May B » is not appropriate for a ballet, so can we call this (May B) a ballet ?
We don't like this show because we didn't understand the story of MAY B.
Lucie, Stéphanie, Margot

The languageused in this show is no other than the sound effectsin the form of onomatopoeia . The only communication used is gesture. It was noticeable they sometimes put themselves in groups and formed one and the same person, at other times when characters are alone on stage then they give an impression that they are lost. The relationship of the characters on stage are often violent, sometimes they are dividedinto two groups. But also smoothwhen they were dancingtogether and changed partners. There was a part of dehumanizationof the characters in their dress appearance, the fact that they all wore the same clothes(see The GuardianMaguy Marin).
The appearance and the roles characters are playing during the show is that of people being Travellers on the scene and in life.In one of the parts of the show, we see that there is an imbalance of sharing a cake, some characters having no part.This may symbolise selfishness.
Nagaëlle C.
Fanny G.
Mathieu L.

neige noire poster« The show was attractive, it was unusual. It showed travels the Billy Holiday, anonymity until his entry into the world of show business. Theshow begins when Billy Holiday moved to New York to find his father. When she sings her way throughout the theater door. Jazz is a music genre that is no longer up to date and it's a shame because it is a
music that expresses strong feelings. »

« I loved the show because it told a story, there were dances and songs, and the actors were very good. The show helped better understand her life and her singing career as an African American. She sings sad songs but very pretty. I have good memories of this show. If you want to understand the history of African Americans, you love musicals comedies,dynamics shows and you love jazz ; this show is foryou ! »

« The singer has a wonderful voice, she sings well, she sings to denounce racial segregation in her country. It is a touching story but I didn't like the songs.
This woman (Billie Holiday) was confronted to prejudice and violence from white persons. »

“This show was interesting because it is different from an ordinary show. The singers had a beautiful voice and the show well told the lives of African American in the early 20
thcentury. The scenery was very original with the wall made of suitcases that had all the functions in the shows. For the music I found it very well as I like this kind of

“It was a scene of Billie Holiday's life denouncing racial segregation in her country, the African Americans, she is singing jazz, it was a touching scene because it is something lived by the author, during her life as she was confronted with social violence, racial prejudice but also sexist and it makes us feel by her song.
I like the show because it is touching but also funny.”Romane

we went to the “Carré Magique” in Lannion to watch “Neige Noire” it tells the story of Billy Holiday, the famous African American singer. She had a difficult life, because in the 1900s, in the United States there still were segregation, and racism. During this show the artists sing some Billie Holiday's songs. I think the artists sing very well, they can go to “the voice”! But, I don't really like the show, because I don't understand all the scenes. If you like jazz and American history you need to go and see this

“The singers' voices were pleasant and surprising. her songs tell a true story, even though I didn't understand everything, thanks to the expression and gestures, I could get it better. The story was very touching. They played very well their role. the scenery was simple but didn't need more decorations. We were focused on the characters.
I love this typical music.”

“She has a very beautiful voice which represents the real voice of Billy Holiday.She has a very soft and very lively voice. It's a very good show because she enthrals the spectators with her voice and the scenery is very beautiful and very original, the shows goes quickly.”

“Her story is interesting because it is a true story. The singer has a beautiful voice. The topic of this show is interesting because it speaks about racism.”

“It is a good show. The scenery was done well. It is an artist interpreting beautiful songs with a very attractive voice, but she didn't sing alone, she was accompanied. It is the play which tells Billie Holiday's story of her childhood until the present moment. She is affected by racism as still are the African Americans today.”

« I'm a student at Kernilien vocational Highschool. On Thursday, March 24th, 2016 we went to see Billie Holiday's show at the «Carré Magique» in Lanion ,Brittany, France. We left the highschool at 7:25pm to attend this show with all the final years of highschool and also some pupils who volunteered and five teachers.
The show lasted about one hour and a half .The topic was mainly the song, the jazz. There was however a history about these songs. Such as for example the discrimination towards black people, which was perfomed in numerous songs.
Billie Holiday's role is a real-life history experience written by the creator of the show who wanted to celebrate the jazz around the world.
I personally appreciated this show because it moved me and besides the songs, there was a story which attracted the attention of the listeners.
We then returned to the high school at about 10:30pm. » Tcgeh

« When we were taken out to the theater on the two first times, I was not able to assit it, because I was working at that time. Because I am a « guard » at the boarding school from 5 pm to 8 am. And I couldn't go out, otherwise I would have managed to catch this travel time. Also these school cultural outings didn't really interest me. For the last show, I was not here too, because I was feeling sick, I had a headache. I had called the reception to say that I would certainly not come. I thus apologize for not having attended them. » Tcgeh

« We are students at Kernilien vocational farming highschool, we are taking a vocational farming baccalaurreate (conduct and management of equine business) year thirteen.
On March 24th, we went to see at the Carré Magique theater in Lannion a show called « Neige Noire», with CGEH year 13, CGEA year 13 and STAV year 13.
We were accompanied by Mrs. Laurent, Mrs. Legendre, Mrs Langlo, Mrs. Nahhal and Mr. Hamelin.
The show started at 8:00 pm.
This show was a musical comedy about Billie Holiday's life.
We were dissappointed by the show because we had difficulties to understand the story because the man actors played multiple characters at once so I could not situate the time when they changed characters.
Also, we did not know Billie Holiday and the music on stage was not of musical style.
There were however some funny moments performed by the male character such as this moment when he becomes a pilot being a dwarf.
The kind of show we like to see are comedy shows or concerts because there deliver a good atmosphere and it relaxes, but also because the public is more involved in these shows. » Tcgeh

« We are students in year 13 at Kernilien vocational Highschool taking a baccalaureate in conduct and management of a horse business.
We went to see the theater on March 24 at 8.30. We went with the whole class and the other students of the school. There were 5 teachers who accompanied us Mrs. Laurent, Mrs. Langlo, Mrs. Legendre, Mr Hamelin and Mrs. Nahhal. Tcgeh

The show was about the life of Billie Holiday, for her efforts in the fight against racism. Two actors were present on stage : a man and a woman, the woman played Billie Holiday and the man played the narrator, the friend and the father of Billie Holiday. The show lasted about one hour and a half. We enjoyed this theater show » Tcgeh


thumb chapitre de la chute« On Tuesday, April 26th, We went to Lannion at the « Carré magique » theater with all the year 13 students. The time of meeting was at 6:30 pm in the bus. The show was « le chapitre de la chute ».
We arrived at 7:00 pm at the show and we had a picnic. The show started at 7.30 pm and lasted three hours. And we arrived at the school at 11:59 pm.
The show talked about a family, three brothers who sold cotton from generation to generation.
On September 15th, 2008, the investment bank Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, pulling the world stock exchanges in its fall. The name of this company became then inseparable from the economic crisis. The show tells the story of the Lehman Brothers since Henry Lehman's arrival on the American ground in 1844. It tells how the cotton store was transformed little by little into an investment bank and made us discover the empirical elaboration of the capitalist system. » TCGEH

« We started to do classroom research work before going to see this theater play, because it allowed us to discover the topics of the show.
We left the high school at 6.45 pm. Beforehand, we took the bus to the destination of the « Carré Magique » in Lannion to see the theater play "Neige noire". This event was financed by the Regional Council, This show was written by Christine Pouquet. The theater show told the life of one of the greatest jazz and blues singer of the XXth century,
The part was played by two actors who held several roles at once, which were performed by a white man and a black woman. The setting was a long wall made out of assembled suitcases. The show lasted an hour and a half, » TCGEH

« We are studying at the « Lycée agricole de Kernilien », a high school specialised in conduct and management of equestrian business management. In the context of entertainment and culture lessons, we went to Lannion to see a show.
On the 26th of april 2016 at 7 pm, with our teachers, we went to a show at the « Carré Magique » by bus . The show was called « Lehman brothers » and it was talking about financial bankrupcy. The show was very long , it lasted 3h30 with an intermission of 20 minutes in the middle .
For the students who had come by bus, they had got a picnic with bread, ham, chips, a banana and a bottle of water .
We haven't had fun and pleasure to see this show because it was very long and it was hard to understand when you did'nt know anything about financial bankrupcy, but at the same time it was very interesting because it's something that really happened a long time ago .
The actors of this show were very competent. Our opinion is that we have more enjoyed the other show because it was more funny and it was easy to understand and shorter, but it was a nice idea to go all together to a show to see new things and to learn about the past . » TCGEH



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